Take Care of Yourself First – Part 2

In these unprecedented times, when our lives are changing forever with incredible speed, it is normal to feel fear, anxiety, worry and overwhelm. The problem is, when we are allowing these emotions to take hold in our body, over time they will compromise our immune system. Something we just cannot afford right now when we need our immune system to function as best as possible.

So, what do you do when these emotions come up in you? How do you deal with them? 

First of all, don’t try to suppress them, but rather acknowledge them. It is absolutely normal to feel them. Then, in a next step, connect with those feelings and emotions in your body and breathe into them. In the video below, I guide you through an exercise and show you how to do that. 

So, watch the video, and whenever you feel an emotion rising up in you that causes you to tense up, repeat this exercise. 

Stay calm and stay healthy. 

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