30-Day Holistic Health Challenge

The 30-Day Holistic Health Challenge is based on the book Revolutionize Your Health: How to Take Back Your Body’s Power to Heal, and was co-created with Janet G. Nestor, the co-author of the book. 

The course consists of 29 Lectures with daily exercises and/or challenges that will .help you raise your holistic awareness, a prerequisite if you want to achieve holistic health. 

While the course was originally designed to be taken over 30 consecutive days, it can now also be done at your leisure. 

Body Awareness for Optimal Health

Body awareness, in its simplest form, is defined as the ability to recognize subtle body cues. It is direct communication between you and your body. Body awareness is essential in keeping us healthy and safe. If we cannot sense or perceive the way we stand, walk or hold our body, or perceive the energy in and around our body, or the signals our body is sending us at all times, how are we supposed to make the right decisions for our body and our health? 

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