Self-Discovery: The First Step to Self-Love

"The mystical journey drives us into ourselves,to a sacred flame at our center." Marianne Williamson Tweet When you start your journey to more self-love, the first step is getting to know yourself. Who are you on a deep level? What are your needs? What are your desires, your longings? What are your dreams? What do you want to achieve in your life? And at the same time, it's also about finding out what is actually stopping you from going after your dreams?  Self-Discovery Is An Inner Process What causes you to neglect yourself - your body, mind, emotions, and spirit?  In short,…

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The Four Steps to Self-Love

In the last few years, self-love and self-care seem to have become buzz words, with the notion that we all need to take better care of ourselves and love ourselves more. Many people think that self-love and self-care are about doing nice things for themselves, if and when they have time. That it means to schedule some "me time" in order to honor and love themselves. However, true self-love goes much deeper than that. Self-love means loving your “self”, the wholeness of who you are. It means getting to know yourself with all your strengths and weaknesses and approving completely of…

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Self-Care: How to deal with fear and anxiety

In these unprecedented times, when our lives are changing forever with incredible speed, it is normal to feel fear, anxiety, worry and overwhelm. The problem is, when we are allowing these emotions to take hold in our body, over time they will compromise our immune system. Something we just cannot afford right now when we need our immune system to function as best as possible. So, what do you do when these emotions come up in you? How do you deal with them? First of all, don't try to suppress them, but rather acknowledge them. It is absolutely normal to feel…

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